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Raster Based GIS

This is the home page for the Raster Based GIS Lab series. 

Tips for Students using this site


Turn off Pop Up Blocker

Turn off your popup blocker for this domain. The game communicates via popups when specific actions are completed. 


The Game Happens in the USA

The entire game happens in the United States. If you recognize images from real places in other countries, assume they are part of game play and go with the story, and that they are acting as 'stand-in' images.


Log In with GeoEx

You will need to login with your Geo Ex email. You do not have a username/password for this site.


The Whole Game Happens Here

All game play happens within this domain. The search within the site has been setup to work with the game, as all the clues will be found here.


Work as a Team, Submit Individually

While teams are encouraged to work together to solve problems, each person will need to submit the answer and methods for each step.


Have Fun!

This is a game. It's designed to be fun, challenging, and supportive. Ask for help, needed.